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Urwasoft has been providing software solutions to NVOCC, Freight forwarders, Clearing agents and customized application software to various business. Urwasoft remains a small company so we can respond more quickly and offer flexible, low in cost services. Our staff is both dedicated and highly trained with strong sense of commitment to ensure the success of our company through providing the best service to our customers. Everyone at Urwasoft has the responsibility and authority to do whatever it takes to make every project a success. Over the last years, we have worked hard to provide long-term support and service to our customers. Most of our customers have been with us for more than a 1 year, and several for the lifetime of the company. We stay up to date on technology as it becomes available (and develop our own when it isn't) but we never suggest new technology just because it is new. Our job is to select the best techniques to solve your problems and help you take advantage of the opportunities. Rather than try to make your company fit our solution, we make sure that our solution fits your company.
With 24/7 online support and honest/up front communication we are committed to provide solutions that will last long and does not require constant support and updates.

Our skills

Customized Application Software Development
Native and cross platform apps development for mobile phones
Contracts management (for NVOCC/Freight forwarders)
Applicaiton development for NVOCC/Freight forwarders/Clearing and forwarding
ERP Development
System analysis and design
Web Designing and web based application development


UrwaSoft is committed to building long-term customer relationships by offering solution-based services, one-shopping, and fixed “no surprise” pricing. UrwaSoft provides customized application software for web, desktop and mobile phones.

Customized application software development

We have wide experience of system analysis and software development. Call us tell us about your problem and we will propose the right solution for your problem that will be 100% customized as per your needs and will prove to be a good fit in your organization without bringing a lots of changes and post deployment depressions.


RSE (Contracts and rates management service)

A rates/contracts management service and application for NVOCC/Freight forwarders

A fast and reliable service using NVOCC and Freight forwarders can increase sales and can create better customer relations. No matter in what format carriers will send you rates.

  • We understand shipping language very good
  • We update all contracts/rates/amendments within 24 hours
  • We can create your RFQ/RFP within 24 hours
  • We provide user friendly, fast and to the point rate search screen
  • Export rates and special searches to excel sheets
  • Generate custom reports

Contact us for details and demo.


LOGIMAN (Solution for Freight forwarders and clearing agents with complete accounting.)

From booking request to ship sailed. A complete NVOCC management application with covering 100% operations of booking.

  • We can add/change anything in the application to make it a perfect fit in your organization.
  • Generate all booking related documents in your own format
  • Accounting with very user friendly and easy to maintain accounting chart
  • Automatic maintaining of ledger with Debit/Credit entries automatically recorded.
  • and many more features

Contact us for details and demo.


Mobile phone application development

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Cross platform mobile phone applications

Contact us for details and demo.


ERP (for any business)

ERP for any industry/business.

  • Any industry can adapt
  • Covers all departments/operations/finance
  • Automatic debit/Credit ledger entries
  • All financial reports like balance sheet, daily cash, bank statement, profit and loss, income statement etc.
  • 90% paper less operations
  • and many more features
  • 100% customizeable to fit in any business without creating problems for existing staff.

Contact us for details and demo.


Dynamic website/web application/CMS

  • Shopping cart
  • Classified
  • You think we develop
  • Any platform, any database

Contact us for details and demo.


Outsource software development

In almost per month cost of one to two developers in USA/UK/Canada/Australia/UAE you can get 3 to 4 dedicated developers working for you on your tasks. With 24/7 support and communication you will never feel that your work is being done on a remote location. Starting from as low as USD 15 per hour Urwasoft can develop all required applications on the following platforms

  • Java
  • ASP .NET (MVC, Web Forms, WebAPI)
  • C#/VB .NET (Desktop applications, services)
  • PHP
  • Android
  • IPhone
  • MS SQL Server
  • My SQL Database

Contact us for details.



Our Work

Following is a list of work done/being done by Urwasoft.

A clearing and forwarding company.

Customized application for accounts, HR, documentation and operations.

A clearing and forwarding company.

Customized application creating a paperless environment with real time reports and notifications. (ERP)

A viscous gum manufacturing industry

We are developing customized application (ERP) for Viscolloids which will cover

  • Procurement
  • Raw materials to finish goods
  • Production cycle
  • Sales/Purchase
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Customer relations
  • Warehouse/stores
  • Maintenance
  • Logistics
  • MIS

Creating a paperless environment with modules that will be integrated with machines controlling the production and real time monitoring of production cycle.

Inertia Group Ltd. Outsourced software development to Urwasoft from 2009 to 2011.

  • Developed rate search and quoting web based application for Knight International (NVOCC)
  • Managed dedicated servers for Inertia Group Ltd. and Knight Internaltional
  • Did Contracts/Rates management for Knight International
  • Developed rate search and quoting web based application for Rose Container Line (NVOCC)
  • Did Contracts/Rates management for Rose Container Line

I.T. Solutions World Wide outsourced software development to Urwasoft from 2011 to 2014.

  • Developed booking management system for General Logistics International (G.L.I), a complete solution to manage freight bookings (FCl/LCL/AIR) from A to Z
  • Developed Freight forwarding E-Commerce applicaiton from G.L.I
  • Managed dedicated servers for G.L.I
  • DBA for G.L.I database
  • Managed dedicated server for I.T. Solutions World Wide

Printing management application. A complete solution for generating special documents for different customers using the template and text files received from multiple vendors.

  • Generate special documents from text files.
  • Maintain history of all work
  • Customize printable reports

Printing management application. A complete solution for generating special documents for different customers using the template and text files received from multiple vendors.

  • Generate special documents from text files.
  • Maintain history of all work
  • Customize printable reports

Developed customized application software

  • Survey management system with complete operations and accounting. Custom accounting chart with all financial reports.
  • Cloud based application being used from multiple cities in Pakistan.
  • Developed Android application for survey inspector to add/update information real time.

Dynamic Website (CMS) for travel and cargo company

  • Website
  • Travel module
  • Parcel Service
  • All content of the website (excluding design) can be changed using the Admin control panel.

Customized Application Software for Marketing, sale leads and customer management.

  • Customer management
  • Leads management
  • Tasks management
  • Daily sales activities
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Assign sales tasks to one or group of salesmen


Contact us

Main office

  • 2nd floor R-4X
    main Rashid Minhas Road
    Karachi, Pakistan
  • Email: farrukh.malik@urwaSoft.com
  • Mobile phone(call/whatsapp/viber): +92-300-2564099
  • Land line: +92-21-34680725
  • Skype: farrukh.its@hotmail.com