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About Us

Urwasoft has been providing customized application software to various business. Urwasoft remains a small company so we can respond more quickly and offer flexible, low in cost services. Our staff is both dedicated and highly trained with strong sense of commitment to ensure the success of our company through providing the best service to our customers. Everyone at Urwasoft has the responsibility and authority to do whatever it takes to make every project a success. Over the last years, we have worked hard to provide long-term support and service to our customers. Most of our customers have been with us for more than a year, and several for the lifetime of the company. We stay up to date on technology as it becomes available (and develop our own when it isn't) but we never suggest new technology just because it is new. Our job is to select the best techniques to solve your problems and help you take advantage of the opportunities. Rather than try to make your company fit our solution, we make sure that our solution fits your company. With 24/7 online support and honest/up front communication we are committed to provide solutions that will last long and does not require constant support and updates.

Our Skills

Customized software development, System analysis and design, ERP, Cross platform mobil phone application development

Our Priority

Honesty, up front, never lie to cusotmer, never take any project on which we are not skilled, create relations not just customers, customer suport 24/7

Our Experties

Accounts management systems, software solutions for shipping industry, software solution for manufacturing industry, sales enhancing applicaitons, CRM, ERP.

Our Solutions

(Available in both cloud based and in house).

We are very good in customized application software development so just explain us your requirements/problem and we can propose a very good solution that will be custom made for you and will fulfil all your needs without causing disturbance among staff and operations. Following are some of our readymade solutions which are ready to be customized to provide all you need.

The Urwasoft ERP Solution

An ERP that can be used by any business. With complete accounts module that includes each and everything required by your finance department. Ready to use operations modules which we can customize as per your needs. Ready to use HR module consisting of Attendance system, Leaves management, Salary management and Payroll generation. No matter what your business we can customize our operations module within days to make sure that our ERP fulfills all your needs.


Freight Manager

A complete operations and accounts management software for NVOCC/Freight forwarders and Clearing and forwarding agents. Including CRM, documents managements, generation of shipping documents like MBL/HBL/Arrival notice/10+2 ISA/Pre Alerts, create new uniquely identified file for each job you, record all documents and payments by files. Many reports like Ledgers by customer/vendor/services/files, receivables, payables and much more. With Client portal your clients will be able to do a lot of work for you like creating inquireis, uploading documents, downloading invoices and other importatn communcications required between you and your client.


Inventory Stocks Management (complete with Sales, Purchase, Procurement and POS)

A complete stocks/inventory control system that any company can adapt. With complete accounting module including sales, purchase, expense management. With unlimited reports and real time inventory tracking with QR codes and QR code readers. With alerts for low inventory and auto PO issue modules, this system can bring plausible enhancements to your business and operations.


POS Solution

A ready to use POS solution that can be used by any type of shop, store, mall, food business. This POS solution includes a complete finance module with stocks/inventory management and purchase module. All you need to manage your store/shop/food business or any business that involves Sales, purchase. With CRM and Order management system you are able to create Orders, approve/reject orders, process orders and do the sale. Our system will send/show you all required alerts you need to manage stores, warehouses, orders and Customers.


RSE :: Rates Search Engine (For NVOCC/Pricing and Quotes)

RSE is a search rates and quote to customer tool designed especially for NVOCC and freight forwarders and with that we also provide contracts management service for all type of contracts you have with shipping lines. Within 24 hours we update all changes to rates and amendments in contracts so everyday your sales staff will have latest rates available to search and quote with a notice of future changes. With complete management of quotes and rates this solution also provides reports for all necessary requirements of the higher management.


Accounts Management

A complete accounts management software which can be used by any business. With 3 level simple accounting chart and user-friendly modules for payments, receiving’s, generating invoices. Automatic DEBIT/CREDIT recording. All types of tax managements. With unlimited number of approving levels to control your finances and avoid entry erros. Including all reports like Ledgers, P&L, Accounts receivables, Accounts payable, Income statement, daily cash and unlimited reports of your choice without any extra cost.

Our Services

We provide the following services with dedication, commitment and honesty.

Customized Software Development

Web based, desktop based. Any solution you need we are here to provide.

Software for shipping business.

Custom made solutions for NVOCC/Freight forwarders/Clearing agents.

Cross platform Mobile Aplications

One app for all platform Android/IOS/Windows, with all services and no glitches.

Website design (static/dynamic)

Responsive, simple and lite weihgt website designing for any business.

System analysis and design

Our team of analysts can review your problem/requirements and can analyze the best solution for it.

Cloud services and applicaiton hosting

Get our high tech. High speed cloud services to host your documents/applications/images and much more.

Upgrade to new platforms

In an affordable cost get your old software replaced by a new and better solution that fullfills and cover all latest techs and platforms.

Our Clients

Our prestigious clients using our solutions for more than 10 years.

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  • E-mail : farrukh.malik@urwasoft.com
  • Phone : +1-952-200-9766


  • E-mail : farrukh.malik@urwasoft.com
  • Phone : +92-300-2230577,+92-300-2564099